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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a web based technology from Microsoft that allows you to capture a wide variety of business information. It is available in two versions, SharePoint Foundation which is freely downloadable and SharePoint Server. If you are using Small Business Server or Office 365 you may already have SharePoint available.

At its most basic all SharePoint versions provide a number of powerful methods of capturing information. These include:

- Basic document management including the ability to check in and check out documents and maintain version history over all changes.

- Wikis, which are perfect for things like knowledge bases and fast capture of information.

- Shared calendars to allow your whole team to stay in touch from one central location.

- and many more features.

If you want to know more about what SharePoint has to offer we recommend that you contact us for more information.

How can you use SharePoint in your business?

When your staff go home at night or leave your business, typically they take with them all the specialized knowledge they have about your business. As a result the value of your business actually decreases. SharePoint is a simple and easy way to ensure that not only is this information captured quickly and easily but it is actually documented, backed up and searchable because just about everything you enter into SharePoint is automatically indexed to make locating information a breeze.

You can use SharePoint to store all your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Acrobat, etc files. You can use it to catalogue your businesses images. You can create custom lists that are able to store information on just about anything you can think of - customers, suppliers, processes, appointments, etc. You can also use SharePoint to create surveys and have online discussions as well as create business knowledge bases. SharePoint works with your existing Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Word and Excel to provide you with a single environment for all your business information. What can be done with SharePoint is really only limited by your own imagination but for more information contact us.

How can we make Sharepoint work for you?

Because we are focused on the business application of technology we will ensure that anything we develop works for you. Whether you require an on site solution or one hosted on the Internet, we can help. SharePoint is merely a tool for removing roadblocks to business and so we work closely with you to ensure that not only is SharePoint the right tool for you but it also solves the challenges you are facing. Because we use SharePoint in our business everyday and assist many clients with SharePoint in theirs, we feel extremely well qualified to help you. We urge you to contact us so we can demonstrate to exactly how we can make SharePoint work for your business.

What is the SharePoint Starter Pack?

For a fixed price of $600 we’ll construct, implement and get you started with your own basic SharePoint site. Some of the features of the Starter Pack include; a shared calendar, shared contacts, basic document management and remote support for 14 days. To fast track your business into improving business productivity you can't go past the SharePoint Starter Pack for value. Contact us for more information (Reseller enquiries also welcome).

Why use us?

Our unrivalled experience with SharePoint means not only can we give you a better solution but we can also provide it faster. How many other providers have SharePoint certification from Microsoft? How many other providers continue to give presentations and training around SharePoint? How many other providers actually use SharePoint to run their business? Which providers maintain an active blog that discusses many SharePoint topics? Which provider can support your SharePoint needs anywhere in the world? As you can see we pretty much do it all.

Download our list of services


After some months of unsuccessful attempts to migrate our customised Sharepoint Website to a new server, Robert's telephone advice and custom publications enabled the task to be accomplished in under two hours - even with my amateur Windows Server and SQL skills. His instructions clearly defined the each step in the migration process and which tools were required.
Gerard Outram - Director, Material LAB Architecture and Design.


ProActive Services engaged Robert to provide advice and guidance for planning and implementing SharePoint in our business as part of our Knowledge Management Strategy. Robert provided valuable input which enabled us to configure and roll out the system in a challenging time frame. He was flexible in his working hours, even working outside normal hours in some instances when we were experiencing some difficulties. He always answered our queries promptly and was always polite and helpful. We are extremely happy with the service and support that the Robert provided us as well as his knowledge on SharePoint. We have engaged his services on an ongoing basis to provide support and have no hesitation in recommending his work to any business looking to work with SharePoint.
Paul Bodie - Principal Consultant, Proactive Services.


Robert is our go to man for anything to do with SharePoint, migration, upgrades and training he knows it all and we can rely on him to get the job done.
Rob Wilford - ActivSync.

For all these reasons and many more, we firmly believe we are your best option when it comes to helping you with SharePoint in your business. We recommend you contact us to arrange an obligation free  consultation about SharePoint in your business.