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CIAOPS Social Media

About our Training

The Computer Information Agency is able to deliver quality training courses for your organization no matter what your requirements. We have presentation experience from large international and local conferences, to formal classroom environments, down to one on one coaching. We also have extensive experience in conducting online training and continue to provide free ongoing content at our YouTube channel.

We are able to conduct training on an extensive range of technologies at your site or delivered across the Internet. Whether they are aimed at individuals or groups, we can tailor a package to suit your business and your budget. Our packages offer complete manuals, support and assistance to help everyone in your business become more skilled quickly.

Common topics

We can help your business come up to speed with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Office software. We can show you how to make the most of collaboration software such as SharePoint. We can help you get started in the online world of Office 365. We can also help you understand the benefits that new technologies such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, blogging, etc offer your business, including how to work effectively with them.

Our continued extensive research and use of technology allow us to also provide training around the latest gadgets such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices, etc. We'll show you the best apps to make your business and your people more productive.

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Custom topics

Many times your business doesn't have the resources to devote to fully understanding technology. That's where we can help. Our extensive experience in the field allows us to more easily translate what we know into unfamilar products. We spend a lot of time learning technology and writing about it in our newsletter, blog, etc. It is therefore generally far quicker for us to come up to speed on a product and then provide relevant information directly to you. We can sort through what is going to give your business the most benefit, liase with vendors and developers and then pass it on to you in an effective and efficient manner.

For many businesses we work with, this saves them time and money and allows them to get on with what their business does rather than having to worry about technology.

Download our SharePoint training options

Download our Office 365 training options

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Many leading businesses find that implementing a program of ongoing training provides them with not only a competitive edge but also allows them to attract and retain key staff. Rather than having to sort through all the options and information they leave that process to us. We can filter through and present on exactly what your business needs to know. We can ensure that you are not only kept up to date with the latest processes and procedure but also teh latest trends. This allows our customers to take advantage long before their competitors do.

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We also conduct regular full day 'bootcamp' style training courses. Information about these, as well as upcoming event can be found at the Bootcamp link on the left. 

Sample Topics

Here are some examples of polular topics we present regularly on: 

  • Being busy is just an excuse
  • Social media for SMB
  • Getting things done with technology
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint


- "Learning from Robert Crane at these Bootcamps and elsewhere is well worth anyone's time and money IMHO. In this ever changing world of technology Robert knows his 'stuff', is willing to share and is simply a font of knowledge that noone in the IT Game (consultant or end user/customer) can readily do without. Besides these Bootcamps are professionally run, quite a lot of fun, and real eye openers to tips and best practices. Robert delivers information on real-world solutions and is always readily available to assist colleagues and others. In summary I would recommend any meeting or Training Session that Robert hosts". Geejay Schneeweiss GJ's Computer Services

- "Best presentation I attended"

- "Best speaker and best content so far! Fantastic" 

- "This was without a doubt the BEST presentation I attended. Bring him back next year!!"

- "Great presentation"

- "Robert is a very effective speaker and he has a great command of sharepoint. Even though I sat in on his presenation lase year, I still learned a lot more about sharepoint this year"

- "Right on the mark."

- "Excellent speaker"

- "This is an excellent course and I gained knowledge to utilise both basic and advanced tools needed for social media for both business and personal applications. Good value for money. I also enjoyed the informal interactions and the Reference Guide given at the course for future reference."

- "I completed the Social Media for Business course held by Robert Crane at Macquarie Business Training Centre. I found the course to be extremely informative and useful. Robert was friendly and approachable and always happy to pause to answer our questions during the day. I left feeling more knowledgable and confident to tackle the world of social media to assist me as in marketing my online business. Money well spent. Thanks Robert."

- "This was an excellent workshop that provided great information and tools to take and implement in the real world. Robert is a great presenter and tell's it as it is. I would highly recommend doing these workshops for technical information".



You'll find many of our free presentations available on our YouTube channel.

Here is just one example.

Alternative, visit our SlideShare page to down a number of presentations and articles.