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What is Smarter Productivity?

If your mail server is overflowing because your staff constantly have full inboxes.

If technology is not helping your business get things done.

If no one in your business ever finds information they need.

If you wish your business could use technology better.

Then you need our program because you should simplify your business, not complicate it with more technology. Our program will give you proven methods of improving your businesses productivity through hands on training, ongoing support and configuration of your business technology.

How will Smarter Productivity help your business?

In most cases your business already has the tools it requires, all you need to know is how to use these better to streamline work. Here of some of the ways we can help:

-          Email: We’ll provide your business with proven techniques to reduce the size of your staff’s inboxes. We’ll show them how to eliminate and process more emails everyday so they can get things done.


-          Searching: We’ll show everyone how to use existing desktop and Internet tools to greatly enhance their ability to find the information you need quickly.


-          Applications: We’ll show how to use common software like Outlook, Word and Excel that businesses already have, in a more effective and productive way.

-          Networking: We’ll show you how to use the latest tools on the Internet like blogs, social networking and email newsletters to not only improve the visibility of your business but to also better communicate with your customers, quickly and easily.

-          Collaboration tools: We’ll show you how to implement free collaboration tools like and tools you may already have, like Microsoft OneNote, to quickly and easily capture business information, thereby adding to the value of your business.

How we make it work for you

Let’s us tailor a package that suits you and your business becoming more productive. Whether you want group sessions, individual one-on-one, single product, multiple product training, on site or web delivered we are able to oblige. You'll not only receive comprehensive notes but ongoing support.

As a first step take our offer of a free initial 1 hour consultation to discuss your needs. In that time we are confident we can show you how we’ll dramatically lift productivity and improve your knowledge of the technology your business works with. Contact us to take advantage of this offer.

Why use us?

All this information is delivered by skilled and experienced IT technologists who have extensive experience in helping businesses like yours understand technology better because they are also business people. Better yet, because we only use what we teach, we know that it will work for your business. We also ensure that we are up with the latest trends and tools in technology that help improve your productivity.

We pride ourselves on taking the extra steps to ensure that everyone in the business will not only understand but also be able to immediately apply what we teach. All material is also provided with comprehensive manuals and ongoing support. The only way that we succeed is if your business succeeds.

What have you got to lose? This initial consultation is completely free and without obligation. Contact us to take advantage of this offer. If your business wants to save time and money, be more productive and get a jump on your competition then you can’t afford to miss this opportunity.