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Why is technology so hard?

Your business shouldn't require you to worry about technology. It should simply be there. Given the rapid change in technology it is almost impossible to keep up and understand what options are best for your business. Questions around, whether you should have a server? Whether you should upgrade? Whether you should use services hosted on the Internet? Are all difficult to answer unless you dedicate your time and effort to keeping abreast.

Most businesses don't have this time, they simply want technology to work and become frustrated when it doesn't. They become even more frustrated when they unable to turn to someone they can trust, that understands not only technology but also their business and more importantly their needs. To take the pain out of technology businesses need a trusted technology advisor who can solve all their technology challenges.

We believe we can fill that role. Let us show you how we can help you. Please contact us for more information.

How does a trusted technology advisor help?

When you have a pain you go to a doctor. When you have a tax problem you go to an accountant. You seek out trusted business advisors who are experts in their field to help make sense of what needs to be done and allow you to get back to your business. Why shouldn't it be the same with technology? If you needed a brain surgeon you'd get the best you could afford. Your technology is the brains of your business these days, why would you not trust it to a skilled, qualified and professional?

Technology should be viewed as a business enabler. Utilized correctly it can be a source of improved productivity and revenue. Used incorrectly it can be a source of never ending heartaches that can weigh your business down. A trusted technology advisor, like any other skilled professional, will not only give you the best advice based on your situation, they will continue to work with you to produce the results you desire. Ask yourself how much your business is worth and then ask whether you should trust your business 'brain' to anyone else?

We would welcome any opportunity to demonstrate why we believe we are the best option as your trusted technology advisor. Please contact us for more information.

How can we help your business?

Technology is a constantly changing environment. Success in this field is made of experience as well ongoing development. Our extensive experience with a variety of platforms, solutions and implementations positions us well to help you with your needs. Whether your business needs assistance determining the most appropriate future path, evaluation of quotes or equipment specifications, assistance implementing a project or dealing with other technology companies we can help. Because we are business people ourselves we understand that  technology should be a business enabler. Our recommendations are based on your needs and requirements are. We do not recommend technology blindly, it must suit the environment and the situation.

Our ongoing involvement with the technology industry ensures that we are well placed understand what technology is available to help your business. Our extensive contacts within the technology industry also ensures that we have access to some of best experts in all disciplines of technology. Yet, we proudly maintain our independence from agreements that may restrict us recommending the best solution possible for you. As your trusted technology advisor we work for you, not technology companies.

Whatever your technology needs we are here to help so please contact us for more information.

Why use us?

We understand that the any role we take with your business involves a high level of trust on your part. We appreciate this trust and will strive to live up to this because we recognize we play a significant part in the success of your business. If you don't succeed, then neither do we. As such, we work constantly to improve our products, services, and professionalism to your business with ongoing training, development and involvement in the technology industry.

Importantly, we are not only technically qualified we are also professionally and business qualified. We continually strive for excellence in all these disciplines which we believe gives a uniquely balanced view of technology, especially how it applies to business. We also continue to contribute to the technology industry with seminars, video presentation and an active blog. We understand and utilize the technology we recommend because we can't trust it in your business until it works in ours.

In the end we believe our results speak for themselves and this is all that matters to a business like yours. We welcome the opportunity to discuss any technology issues your business may have and encourage you to please contact us to arrange an obligation free consultation in your business.