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The Computer Information Agency runs a range of bootcamps and training events covering a wide variety of topics. Some of the most recent of these have been:

- is the latest product from Microsoft and spans the small, medium and large business space. It is designed to work stand alone as well as linked to in house servers including Microsoft Small Business Server.  It is available in different versions which all have different capabilities and costs. The biggest challenge is pulling all the required information, both sales and technical, together in one location.

The aim of this hands on course is to provide you with the technical, sales and business skills to confidently sell and support a variety of Office365 installations.

- is one of the fastest growing applications from Microsoft. It is available in a variety of versions and on a variety of platforms from Small Business Server all the way up to those hosted directly from Microsoft (via Office365).

The aim of this hands-on course is to provide you with the technical and business skills to confidently install, support and maintain just about any SharePoint installation. The course is aimed at technology professionals who have responsibility for SharePoint within their organizations or for their customers. It is also aimed at the technology reseller who is looking to sharpen their skills and grow their knowledge into a technology that allows them to differentiate themselves from their competition.


The courses are normally conducted over a full day (9am - 5pm) and include free Internet access, electronic notes, meals, etc.



Upcoming dates and locations

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"I can thoroughly recommend Robert's SharePoint Bootcamp sessions as highly informative and delivered with great candor. Robert has put together a package that provides an excellent introduction to the possibilities of SharePoint in the small-to-medium business sector."

"I learned enough to make this worthwhile, after about 30 mins.  All the rest ramped up, and gave me so many ideas on how to both do things better, and leverage SharePoint so much more. Looking forward to doing the advanced SharePoint as soon as is available."

"The knowledge I gained at the bootcamp will help me make a more informed decision when I make recommendations to my clients. I recommend this bootcamp to anyone who wants a balanced and fair approach as to the pro's and con's of the cloud and the issues it raises for the IT professional."

"After having spent a day on a Telstra Office365 a couple of months ago I felt it was OK information as it was on this new platform but what Robert has delivered today is REALISTIC and real world experience telling nothing but the truth. There is a big opportunity for all SMB IT providers even with the cloud, Office365 should be seen as an additional service to make money from."

"This workshop was absolutely brilliant It was real hands on from a reseller perspective rather than a sales perspective I highly recommend Robert Crane for any workshops / bootcamps after having done several other training sessions."

"Learning from Robert Crane at these Bootcamps and elsewhere is well worth anyone's time and money IMHO. In this ever changing world of technology Robert knows his 'stuff', is willing to share and is simply a font of knowledge that no one in the IT Game (consultant or end user/customer) can readily do without. Besides these Bootcamps are professionally run, quite a lot of fun, and real eye openers to tips and best practices. Robert delivers information on real-world solutions and is always readily available to assist colleagues and others. In summary I would recommend any meeting or Training Session that Robert hosts." - Geejay Schneeweiss GJ's Computer Services.

"I had the pleasure yesterday of attending Robert Crane's Office365 Bootcamp in Sydney. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to know the ins and outs of what’s down the track. Robert provided a wealth of information and knowledge in probably the best presentation I have ever attended. Having not seen or touched Office 365 prior to the Bootcamp I am now quite confident I have the skills to be able to offer this as an option to my clients and if I do run into a problem I have a great reference in the course notes to solve almost any problem should it arrive" - Anonymous 

"As a previous CIAOPS SharePoint and Office 365 bootcamp attendee. The information that you receive on this very honest, up front and personal training day is far more than you can possibly discover in a week of your own time.  The practical experience and wealth of Knowledge that Robert delivers on the day tailored to SMB users and techs is in my opinion much better than the Microsoft marketing based training that is out there.


I sat the Administering Office365 for Small Business (74-324) exam last week. Even though I had sat through a lot of Microsoft training, and seminars, I can truly credit Robert for his training day and his SharePoint Guide (which includes Office 365 notes and information on the exams we require to continue our certifications with Microsoft). 
I managed to Pass with the highest scores I have ever achieved in a Microsoft Exam (900+)


Guys & Girls, if you have not enrolled in the CIAOPS bootcamps do so now.  If you are not a subscriber to the CIAOPS SharePoint guide, now is the time to see what you have been missing. 
Thanks again Robert for taking a lot of the stress away and saving a LOT of time." - Rod Arthur, LAN Creation


Rob, your course and notes were spot on and extremely helpful. Can't remember when I've seen so many attendees so interested for so long - Les Einhorn